dataHE is a fast growing business in the dynamic data sector.

We serve one of the newest and most important social and economic competitive marketplaces in the UK: university study in an era of full student choice. This rapidly evolving market needs a strong data economy that helps universities offer the right provision to the right students in an effective way.

dataHE are deep experts in data and higher education with a simple mission: to help universities use data better. Our strategy is simple. Build the most intelligent, innovative and powerful set of data and analysis products for our customers. Our goal? A modern, efficient and successful university sector where everyone can find the right course in the right place for them.

Some assume that our raw material for all this is data and computers. It isn’t. It is the talent and drive of our data scientists. We’ve grown our products and customer base rapidly in our first 18 months and we’re now looking for a more talented people to join our early stage team and be part of shaping and developing dataHE as it grows.

It won’t be for everyone. We’re a fast-growing start-up, inventing and building what we need as we go along. Your personal talents, creativity and effort translate directly to success or failure, with a lot down to you. If you want the security, corporate structures, and well-laid paths of established organisations we’re not for you. But if you want to be one of small collaborative team in the creation of a successful business and defining a new market sector… then we have the opportunity, environment and support to help you thrive.

To be part of building dataHE you will need to be outstanding in your data reasoning and ability to create new data and solutions in code (our primary coding language is SAS, but we pull in and adapt other environments and tools where it gives us better results). You don’t need to be expert in HE (yet) but we do need intelligence and thoughtful awareness, and to be alive to understanding and embracing the market and customers we serve. You will need a disposition to see opportunities, not obstacles. And the drive and professionalism within yourself to realise them. You’ll want to do something significant in data. Something that changes how things are. And you want to give your time to an organisation that has data, and data people, as its heart.

Could we be what you are looking for in data? We’re always happy to start a conversation. Send us a message and we’ll be in touch.