data capability

build an effective internal data science capability
that continues to drive your strategy and underpins your execution

Getting the right people in the right positions

Data capability projects have a reputation for high investment and low results. Our approach is different. Building effective data science capability in universities is primarily about people and what they can do. We work with you to define what your strategy needs from an internal data capability, make sure the right people are in place, and create the culture across the organisation for enduring impact.

Using your data capability effectively

With the capability in place, what should it be doing with data to create value? Starting from your strategic objectives, we work with you to identify the key data flows you need to capture and how to do this cost effectively. We help you build an internal data analysis set, tuned to your recruitment strategy, and ensure that it is high quality, high value, and embedded in the operational fabric of the university.

Integrating data and marketing

Strong data capability will continually identify responses and opportunities for the university, not least during a live cycle. These will often be marketing responses, and typically require deeper data integration. We work with universities that have data capabilities to identify the best models, both technical and functional, for maximising return on activity, informing in-cycle decisions and creating efficiency in recruitment.