core philosophy

We formed dataHE to help UK universities use data better. Changes in demand, funding and policy have rapidly put universities into a market that needs to use data in a sophisticated way, without the decades similarly large markets have had to form their data infrastructure. We are data specialists in higher education recruitment and our aim is to accelerate the use of data for good strategy and high performance in universities.

client philosophy

We work with our clients to help them use data better in their strategy, and to leave them with a sustainable internal data capability matched to their needs. We only work with universities where we believe, from the data, there are strong data led opportunities for them. We generate high value for our clients through distinctive data shaped strategies, so we do not work with clients who are too close together in the competitive space.

data philosophy

Underpinning our approach is a deep understanding and respect for the integrity and importance of data and analysis. We are expert in data sensitivities, and our work always acts to increase trust in the use of data. We use our expertise to help our clients form questions of the data that will get to the heart of their strategic choices. We then create the right data and right analysis pathway to get the answer, letting the data bring clarity.