portfolio strategy

data led methods to build a competitive portfolio

match course offering to demand futures

Portfolio assessment for demand led universities must now start with ensuring the planned supply of courses is compatible with achievable future demand from potential students. Our data-led methods can help you decide if the subject, grade and geography mix of your existing provision has a viable demand future. If not, we help you use data to evaluate the feasibility of your course provision and to create, and manage, supply mix designs that better match what future demand for you.

build a portfolio where you can compete effectively

Good portfolio strategies can no longer limit themselves with assessing demand in isolation. The nature and intensity of future competition, including how competitors respond to your own direction, will play a large part in success. We use the data to work through the strong and weak points of your position, building a portfolio strategy that maximises your strong points and puts you where there will be enough space to compete effectively.

align the student environment and experience

Students have growing expectations of the whole HE experience. Government is driving competition through information. We work with you to shine a light on how the applicant-facing data are shaped by who you recruit and how they experience your offer. We analyse how this influences your future recruitment, so that you can align the university environment and wider experience to your future recruitment ambitions and the culture you want students to be immersed in.