recruitment strategy

use data to assess, optimise and improve
your student recruitment strategy

optimise live cycle recruitment strategy

Universities have demanding volume and quality targets. We work to help you understand the current recruitment market, your changing place within it, and what your realistic responses are. We use the data to identify the best tactical and feasible optimisations to help you meet your live cycle targets, and score what effect these responses will have on your long term strategic aims.

create strategic options for recruitment

The data signals that the HE sector is entering a period of differentiated, and often lower, student demand. This trend will meet increasingly intense and sophisticated competitive behaviours. We work with the data to show what future these two factors suggest for you, the extent to which you can change that, and where the strategic opportunities are.

modern recruitment architecture

Your structures, processing and marketing are your recruitment architecture. These will be tested as a modern, data driven, more competitive, recruitment environment develops. We help you to map out what your current structures do, where the data suggests further gains can be made, and how to implement lasting change in your environment.