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About dataHE:

We started in 2017 to do one thing: help universities use data better. Our products run in a powerful code-based environment, purpose built for higher education and created in-house by our data scientists. Read about our team below. You can get in touch with us here.


Our starting point is data. Our work is to find out what it says.


We write code so our analysis for you is exactly as it needs to be.


We’re expert in understanding how HE works through data.


We want what you want: successful students in an efficient sector. 

Image copyright: University of Winchester

Our people


Dr Mark Corver

Managing Director – Data and Analytics

Co-founder and Managing Director of dataHE, Mark is an experienced Director with expertise in data, analysis, and innovation across public and private sectors.

With 25 years at the forefront of developments in data and higher education, Mark is driven by the potential of good analysis to make a real difference. He has worked with a wide range of organisations in using data better to set strategy and achieve objectives.

Prior to founding dataHE in 2017, Mark was Director of Analysis and Research at UCAS building a data science capability which innovated across products and services. Before that he was at HEFCE developing the data and evidence framework for higher education and has degrees in spatial statistics and chemistry.


Laura Scanga

Business Development Director – Data and Analytics

Laura joined dataHE in May 2023 as an experienced Director in strategic marketing and data driven insight from education, technology and media sectors. She has studied in multiple countries and has an MBA in customer focused strategy.



She has recent experience in senior management in the higher education sector, including responsibility for programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and student success.



Laura leads on helping the universities we work with get full value from our products and their findings, picking up that role alongside our Co-founder Andrew ahead of him leaving the business in Summer 2023.


Dr Matt Lazell

Head of Product and Development

Matt joined dataHE as we got going in 2018. With a PhD in astrophysics and expertise in HE data he is a deeply experienced analytical professional.


Matt oversees our analytical teams, ultimately making sure our universities get the right results from each project and that it is rewarding to work with us.


His focus is our advanced range of analytical products for universities, ensuring high quality delivery and continual development of the value of both our product and data scientists.


Joe Oliver

Lead Data Scientist

Joe joined us as a graduate entrant in October 2019. Now one of our Lead Data Scientists he has responsibility for building our data and analysis infrastructure as well as overseeing some of our most advanced products for universities. 


Jason Streets

Lead Data Scientist

Jason joined us as a graduate entrant in January 2020. Now a one of our Lead Data Scientists he has responsibility for key strands of our product research and development programme, as well as working with our customers on our advanced products around PGT in particular.


Lucia Costantini

Senior Data Scientist

Lucia joined us in January 2022 after completing a Master’s degree in Advanced Mathematics and Mathematical Engineering. Now a Senior Data Scientist she works with customers across our products and services with a particular responsibility for sections of our research and development programme looking at new types of products.


Stefan Johansen

Data Scientist

Stefan joined us in March 2022 with an Engineering Mathematics degree. He currently works across our core product set with universities together with extending our analysis infrastructure.  


Krystian Kosciuszko

Data Scientist

Krystian joined us in September 2022 after completing a Degree in Chemistry. He currently supports in running our core analysis products for universities and helping in building our core understanding of the HE system.


Robert Deed

Data Scientist

Robert joined us as a data scientist in January 2023 with a degree in Music from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. He works on projects for our customers with a particular responsibility for customer experience of our analysis.


Dan Goh

Data Scientist

Dan joined us as a data scientist in January 2023 with a masters degree in Physics and Astrophysics from the University of Bristol. He works with universities on running and adapting our set of analysis modules to their particular needs.