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Size and shape:

Undergraduate demand pools

Every university has a unique footprint in the market. Using high resolution data we help our university clients to develop a deep understanding of how their unique footprint will influence their recruitment outlook. We recommend segment shifts in order to improve or manage future recruitment forecasts. This analysis can be delivered for both UK and International markets.

Undergraduate performance

We encourage universities to use market share as a key metric for university performance.  Tracking and managing market share effectively can have a significant influence on your future recruitment outlook.  We use your market footprint data, coupled with your market share performance, to build recruitment forecasts and recommend any shifts in focus to manage your performance. 

Undergraduate portfolio

We apply our pool and market share performance models to your teaching portfolio.  Using sophisticated models we are able to build recruitment projections into the future.  These projections provide you with the analysis to make more informed decisions about your resource allocation and competitive response.  We also use the data to understand where demand is building for the future, informing your longer-term portfolio planning.

Postgraduate futures

The postgraduate market is very different from undergraduate. We’ve taken our undergraduate analysis framework and tuned it for the postgraduate market.  This product offers a combined analysis pack including domestic and international pools of demand, market share performance by segment, and future demand for PG by subject area.